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Why Collecting TV Series on DVD is Still Worth It in the Streaming Age
TV series have been a staple in homes for generations. Whether it’s binge-watching a favorite show on Netflix or Hulu or checking out a classic on cable TV, we all have a special connection to the art form. But with streaming services taking over, is there any reason left to buy TV series on DVD? Despite the trend, collecting DVD box sets of your favorite TV series is still worth it. Here’s why:

1. Quality and Consistency
One of the biggest reasons that collecting TV series on DVD is still worth it is the consistency and quality it provides. Streaming can bring a lot of convenience, but the quality of your viewing experience depends on the strength of your internet connection. With DVD box sets TV series, you don’t have to deal with buffering or slow streams. Instead, you can enjoy clear, consistent quality every time.

2. Special Features and Bonuses
Unlike streaming services that offer a limited amount of content and features, DVD box sets of TV series typically come with special features and bonuses. Audio commentaries from the show’s creators, behind-the-scenes looks, and deleted scenes provide a more immersive experience for fans. Plus, many collectors enjoy the added value of bonus features, making the purchase more worthwhile.

3. Ownership and Availability
Purchasing a TV series on DVD also gives viewers a sense of ownership. If a show is pulled from a streaming platform or unavailable for licensing reasons, a DVD box set can still provide access. Owning a physical copy of a series can also provide comfort or reassurance in the event of a natural disaster or power outage. Additionally, box sets have a higher availability than streaming options, as older shows may not always be available to stream.

4. Nostalgia and Collectibility
Collecting TV series on DVD is also popular among collectors because of the nostalgia and thrill of the hunt. There’s a certain pride that comes with owning an entire series, and it’s always satisfying to have the complete collection in front of you. Plus, older series that may not be as popular on streaming platforms can still be valuable to fans who grew up watching them or who appreciate their historical significance.

5. Supporting Your Favorite Show
By purchasing a TV series on DVD, you’re also supporting the creators and actors behind the show. While streaming services pay licensing fees, they don’t always ensure a fair cut for those who make the content. DVD sales can provide additional revenue streams for those involved, and also keep the show’s longevity and legacy alive.

Despite the rise of streaming services, buying TV series on DVD is still worth it for the quality, special features, ownership, collectibility, and support of your favorite shows. DVD box sets of TV series provide a unique experience and offer value beyond just the content itself, which is why they remain popular among collectors. If you’re interested in purchasing your own DVD box set, be sure to contact us at dobestshows@outlook.com. We’d be happy to help you find your favorite shows and complete your collection.

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